Allowing you to breathe easy, knowing a professional is in charge of your home while you’re away.


Walkthroughs & Updates
A custom service intended to provide routine checkups for prevention and protection from potential risks to your property. Walkthroughs are processed with a personalized checklist for certifiable documentation and record keeping.

In a standard walkthrough we perform a thorough check of your home which monitors:
  • Security of your property
  • Heat and thermostat regulations
  • Boiler system temp, pressure, and function
  • Water softener system
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Snowmelt system
  • ...and any additional items requested by you, the homeowner.
We also send a copy of the final checklist each week, after your walkthrough, and list any items of concern that are not emergencies.


The organization of all things home related is not easy when you’re away. We can take the stress off your shoulders and oversee everything from bills to cleaning.

Updates & Alerts

Alerts & Emergencies
Although we do alert you by way of weekly email updates, we always make sure we put in a phone call if there is something of higher importance or urgency. Unless a specific agreement is in place to do so, we will never move forward with repairs until we’ve received permission from you.
Home Works Services LLC is certified and insured.